Multiply your Sales Engineer resources with Virtual SE

With Runaware Virtual SE, you expand your SE resource virtually

  • Your software (Windows, Linux or UNIX) and any infrastructure needed to show it at its best are hosted in our private cloud
  • We work with you to build SE guides for your software that will show prospects overview or in depth features
  • SE guides can be simple paths for the prospect to follow or complex ones where the prospect can answer questions about their areas of interest and be guided to specific demos and answers
  • Guides can include text, images, audio and video clips
  • Software can be driven by the guide or the prospect can drive it themselves while following it

Turn each Sales Engineer into a team of Engineers

Not only can each Sales Engineer work with more prospects, their knowledge can be leveraged to build Virtual SE libraries that sales and marketing can leverage to a scale unseen before.

Your entire sales network can benefit

Virtual SE can handle your initial prospect demos leaving your physical SEs to do the follow up meetings where more custom, in depth demos may be required.