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Getting a user to download demonstration software is more than half the battle. Then, they can’t get it installed, or need a sales engineer to help them. Runaware TestDrive handles all of these problems for you: prospects get to immediately demo and use real software in a live environment. You’ll immediately see an impact on lead quality, lead volume, and time-to-close.

It’s like having a sales engineer 24/7

TestDrive is not just for online demos. It is a full lead-generation and powerful sales tool, with completely customizable Walkthrough Guides that lead the customer through the key features of the product. It’s like having a sales person or sales engineer right with the customer, the whole time.

They download your software. But do they ever install it?

People these days don’t have time to install software and test it. Sure, you might get the download, but then what happens? Wouldn’t it be great if they could just quickly view your product in their browser? TestDrive breaks the barrier to installing and test-driving software.

With Runaware Citrix Hosting, you get the best of all worlds

Some hosting options include:

  • Windows PC image provided by you
  • Linux image provided by you
  • UNIX image provided by you
  • Custom Windows / Linux or UNIX image built by Runaware
  • Standard images with Office 365 or other Microsoft products
  • Access to and management of databases including MS SQL and MySQL
  • Any software you need can be investigated!

Flexible features

  • Internet based access or controlled VPN
  • Single or Dual Factor Authentication
  • Integrated Authentication
  • Outsource your entire desktop
  • or just problem applications 
  • Windows Desktop support with GPU for maximum performance
  • Windows Server virtual desktops for minimum cost
  • Access your desktop from mobile devices, laptops, PCs and many more
  • Protect your devices from non mainstream apps

User Reviews: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

Marketing experts around the world love TestDrive

“Amazing results.”

“We piloted TestDrive in the UK, and the online try-before-you-buy approach has been a fantastic success. This has since encouraged us to roll out the service for many more of our core applications and it is achieving more amazing results. There is no doubt in my mind that this method (TestDrive) is the future for software marketing.”

 – Ewan M., Digital Marketing Manager, Sage UK

“TestDrive encourages more customers to conduct full evaluations of software packages and is effective for both complex and simple applications, allowing prospective customers to make faster and more in-depth assessments and better informed and intelligent purchasing decisions.”

Peter C.

Managing Director, Pancredit

“With TestDrive, we can perform full demonstrations at mutually-convenient times and without anyone having to leave their office.”

Nicola B.

Marketing Manager, STR

“We’ve been delighted with the swift and efficient deployment of the Runaware environment. We have received a very good response both from partners and prospective customers and we are already starting to see some positive results.”

Nathan B.

Marketing Manager, Mamut UK

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