Runaware Alliance Program

Empower Your Partners, Engage Results

Do you have a reseller network? The TestDrive Alliance Program is a dynamic and powerful tool for your channel partners by enabling their prospects to try software from their web sites before making their purchase decision.Extending the power of customer profiling, lead capture and guided online software demos to your partners will help their sales and marketing of your software.Runaware’s Alliance Program brings the power of TestDrive to your channels through a branded interface, giving partners a competitive advantage.

An Alliance Program link can be placed in an email as part of a marketing campaign or it can be placed anywhere on a web site in order to achieve shorter sales cycles, greater interaction with Web site visitors, prospects and customers, or to increase lead capture rates. Several buttons and banners are made available to partners for their marketing use.

Partner with us!

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Bring TestDrive Mojo to your resellers

  • Each partner receives unique TestDrive URL to place on website or to use with email campaigns
  • Prospects enter TestDrive from the ISV partner’s website
  • Guided, online software demos directly from your partners’ site with built-in lead management
  • Alliance Program online demos can be included on your partners’ web sites and in their marketing
  • TestDrive captures leads and delivers to partner in real time, via email
  • Visibility into each partner’s traffic
  • No downloads or software installations necessary
  • Low cost/high ROI
  • Promotes healthy partner/ISV relationship
  • Shows partners that ISV is actively trying to help them sell more software and active lead generation
  • Gain insight into partners lead generation efforts (reporting)
  • Standard lead capture (customized by ISV corporate)
  • Custom Call to Actions, unique to partner
  • CTAs directing prospects to next sales action on partner website
  • High quality sales leads are ready for follow up by partner to continue with sales process
  • Partner retains high quality leads