Citrix hosting by the Citrix experts.
16 years running.

With Runaware Citrix Hosting, you get the best of all worlds

Some hosting options include:

  • Windows PC image provided by you
  • Linux image provided by you
  • UNIX image provided by you
  • Custom Windows / Linux or UNIX image built by Runaware
  • Standard images with Office 365 or other Microsoft products
  • Access to and management of databases including MS SQL and MySQL
  • Any software you need can be investigated!

Flexible features

  • Internet based access or controlled VPN
  • Single or Dual Factor Authentication
  • Integrated Authentication
  • Outsource your entire desktop
  • or just problem applications 
  • Windows Desktop support with GPU for maximum performance
  • Windows Server virtual desktops for minimum cost
  • Access your desktop from mobile devices, laptops, PCs and many more
  • Protect your devices from non mainstream apps

Move your corporate applications to Citrix. Without the headaches.

A hosted Citrix environment provides all the benefits of a hosted, cloud-based solution, without the headaches of running your own servers. No more worrying about hardware upgrades, new PCs, Windows updates, or any other hassles. We take care of all of that for you.

The benefits of the cloud. Without the risk.

Your applications run in the cloud, not on your network. And, Runaware’s Citrix hosting uses rock-solid security, at our state-of-the-art datacenters in the US and Europe. The environments are protected by extensive internal and external firewalls, antispam and antivirus. All built-in to the price.

DaaS, IaaS and apps-as-a-service beyond traditional VDI

The flexibility of Citrix provides you with a wide range of infrastructure deployment options, whether Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service or on-demand applications as a service.


Each user gets their own environment, with the ability to access and work with their own files (even uploading them from their own PC, or via DropBox, OneDrive or other cloud accounts), and they can print, save and return to them anytime. It’s just like having a local system. Only it’s not your problem anymore.

No one knows Citrix better than Runaware

For over 16 years, Runaware has been a leading provider of Citrix-based solutions. Our deep understanding of the technology, combined with our relationships with Citrix, ensure that customers receive the best possible Citrix experience.