Introducing Runaware BetaDrive™

an innovative new platform that gives users the confidence to explore the newest versions of your software, risk-free.

Let’s face it. Installing the latest beta software over an existing version is quite the gamble for end users. In the event that something goes wrong, they can be forced to deal with unresolved bugs, features that don’t work, corrupted or lost data and significant difficulties reverting back to the previous version. This causes users to be wary and unwilling when it comes to trying out the newest beta versions of your software.

How does it work?

It’s simple. BetaDrive provides an online cloud environment to host your beta software release. Users can try out the newest beta versions of your software without impacting their existing production installation. No download, no install and most importantly, no risk.


Keep your users ahead of the curve.

BetaDrive gives your users the opportunity to instantly try out your latest software innovations. Whether fixing existing bugs, introducing new features or completely reinventing your product, BetaDrive is the quickest way to let your users take your latest updates for a spin.


No downloads, no install, no risk required.

By hosting your product in a secure online cloud, BetaDrive provides an easy, safe way for users to test out the full gamut of your latest beta software, while keeping their production environment, files and existing operational software untouched and protected.


Much more than just a trial.

Not only can end users access and work with their own files by uploading them via DropBox, SkyDrive or other cloud accounts, but they can print, save and return to them anytime.


Boost your Beta with key insights.

Advanced reporting enables you to track usage of your beta software. Plus, integrated bug reports and survey questions provide you with users’ feedback instantly from within the demo.


Make BetaDrive your own—we offer a variety of options to customize your users’ BetaDrive experience.

  • Walk-Through Guides—utilize Runaware’s walk-through guides to call out new features in the Beta software
  • Choose an open or closed (restricted access) BetaDrive
  • Duration of your BetaDrive test—run 3, 6 or 12-month custom beta programs
  • Marketing Messages—place relevant, context-based messaging in front of your users
  • Links to “What’s New?” information that instantly provides users with updates on the newest features in your beta release

Contact us for a demonstration of BetaDrive in action!